NYLJ: Geofence Warrants, January 6 and the Fourth Amendment

NYLJ Law.com: Geofence Warrants, January 6 and the Fourth Amendment (“Recently, litigation in several of the January 6th cases has disclosed the extensive use of this geofence search warrants. The Fourth Amendment implications raised by the use of this new investigative tool will be discussed in this column.”)

NYT: Madison Square Garden Uses Facial Recognition to Ban Its Owner’s Enemies (“Facial recognition technology is legal in New York, but lawyers have sued MSG Entertainment, saying the exclusion list is forbidden. The use of facial recognition technology to enforce it has raised an outcry not just from people turned away from Knicks games, but from civil liberties watchdogs, who called it a startling new frontier that demonstrated why the federal government should regulate the technology. The local grudge match has become part of a national debate over the specter of a privatized surveillance state.”);

ars technica: MSG defends using facial recognition to kick lawyer out of Rockettes show. Also, MSG Entertainment began using facial recognition at venues in 2018, posted here.

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