SCOTUS orders SG response to pole camera cert. petition

Moore v. United States, 22-481 from SCOTUSBlog.
Issue: Whether long-term police use of a surveillance camera targeted at a person’s home and curtilage is a Fourth Amendment search. The Solicitor General waived response Dec. 9. On Dec. 15, the government was ordered to respond by Jan. 17.

The opinion of the en banc First Circuit, App. 1a–112a, is reported at United States v. Moore-Bush, 36 F.4th 320 (1st Cir. 2022). The now-vacated First Circuit panel opinion, App. 137a–195a, is reported at 963 F.3d 29. The district court opinion granting Petitioner’s motion to suppress, App. 113a–134a, is reported at 381 F. Supp. 3d 139. The district court opinion denying the government’s motion for reconsideration of the order granting suppression, App. 135a–136a, is unreported.

There are no cert grants in Fourth Amendment cases yet this term.

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