D.S.C.: No exigency 6 hours after 911 call

Police showed up at defendant’s house six hours after a 911 call. Whatever exigency there might have been had dissipated. Everyone in the house was asleep. United States v. Miller, 2022 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 189981 (D.S.C. Oct. 17, 2022).

The stop was objectively reasonable based on rolling through a stop sign. Defendant can’t show it was pretextual. Contraband was in plain view with a flashlight. State v. Hunter, 2022-NCCOA-683, 2022 N.C. App. LEXIS 704 (Oct. 18, 2022).*

Defendant’s motion to suppress after 10 trial continuances was untimely. United States v. Bridges, 2022 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 189837 (N.D. Ind. Oct. 18, 2022).

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