IA: Conflict of laws: Federal SW that ends up in state prosecution governed by federal law, not state

When a federal search warrant results in a state prosecution, federal law applies to the search in state court. Here it applied to a scope of search question that might have been decided differently under state law. This court held that as to anticipatory warrants in State v. Ramirez, 895 N.W.2d 884 (Iowa 2017), which are barred under state law. State v. Stockman, 2022 Iowa App. LEXIS 48 (Jan. 12, 2022).

“Finally, even if the warrants were somehow faulty, under the good faith exception to the exclusionary rule, the Court still would not suppress the evidence obtained pursuant to them. See generally United States v. Hodge, 246 F.3d 301,307-08(3d Cir. 2001) (“The mere existence of a warrant typically suffices to prove that an officer conducted a search in good faith and justifies application of the good faith exception.”). United States v. Pritchett, 2022 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 6010 (D.Del. Jan. 12, 2022).

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