Louisville Courier Journal: Two articles on no knock SWs

Louisville Courier Journal: Rand Paul says no-knock warrants ‘should be forbidden’ in wake of Breonna Taylor shooting by Phillip M. Bailey (“‘No one should lose their life in pursuit of a crime without a victim, and “no-knock” warrants should be forbidden,’ Paul said. ‘Let’s hope the investigation provides justice.’”)

Louisville Courier Journal: Louisville Metro Police to toughen policies on no-knock warrants, body cameras by Tessa Duvall and Darcy Costello (“New policy changes will require greater use of body cameras by Louisville police and more scrutiny of no-knock warrants and in the wake of the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor. Mayor Greg Fischer announced Monday afternoon that all no-knock warrants will now require the police chief or his designee to sign off on them before going to a judge for final approval. This, he said, will provide “an additional level of scrutiny.” Additionally, Fischer said the department’s body camera policy will now require all sworn officers to wear cameras when serving warrants or in any situation in which they will identify themselves as police officers. The changes come in response to two major concerns in Taylor’s death: That police were acting on a no-knock warrant, and that those officers were not wearing body cameras.”)

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