IL: High crime area plus quick furtive movements to floor was RS and suggested a weapon to officer

High drug crime area plus quick furtive movements to floor that suggested to the officer that defendant was concealing a weapon was reasonable suspicion. People v. Hood, 2019 IL App (1st) 162194, 2019 Ill. App. LEXIS 1012 (Dec. 31, 2019).

The court adopts the amended R&R and “finds that the issuance of a Search Warrant was supported by probable cause and that the statements Defendant later made to law enforcement officers do not constitute fruit of the poisonous tree.” United States v. Jones, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 222281 (E.D. Mo. Dec. 30, 2019).*

“Petitioners assert the stop of their vehicle was a pretext to conduct a drug investigation and that there was no particularized suspicion to deploy the drug dog that alerted on the vehicle and led to the search warrant and discovery of marijuana. Petitioners contend they are in the United States on student visas from Hong Kong and that a conviction may result in immediate deportation, rendering the normal remedy of appeal inadequate. This Court has reviewed the Petition for Writ of Supervisory Control and Request for Immediate Stay, in addition to the supporting documents filed with the Petition. The Court determines a response is appropriate.” Chui v. Fourth Judicial Dist. Court, 2019 Mont. LEXIS 1349 (Dec. 31, 2019).*

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