JDSupra (press release): DOJ Announces New Drone Policy

JDSupra (press release): DOJ Announces New Drone Policy by Kelly Daly

Calling it “a paradigm-shifting technology with far-reaching social impact,” on November 27, 2019, the Federal government announced the issuance of the new Department of Justice Policy on the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (the “Policy”) governing the operation on Unmanned Aircraft System (“UAS” or “Drone”) technology.

When properly deployed, DOJ acknowledges that UAS technology can serve as a promising tool for enhancing public safety and security, increasing efficiency and reducing risks to law enforcement. To minimize perceived misuses and cybersecurity risks, the DOJ announced its initiative to create “a framework designed to provide accountability and protect privacy and civil liberties.”

The new Policy, which supersedes the DOJ’s 2015 guidance, governs the Department’s use of UAS technology and directs that such use will be in compliance with all applicable provisions of the Constitution, including the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures and other laws and regulations. DOJ personnel are specifically precluded from using UAS technology in a manner that is inconsistent with the Department’s anti-discrimination policies and laws.

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