Cal.1: Electronic search condition on juvenile was unreasonable for possession of a knife and rolling papers at school

The electronic search condition on this juvenile for having a knife, rolling papers, and a lighter in school after a school search was unreasonable. The state says its need to prevent him from procuring more marijuana, but the court disagrees. In re D.B., 2018 Cal. App. LEXIS 526 (1st Dist. June 6, 2018).*

Defense counsel wasn’t ineffective for not filing a motion to suppress search of his car because the automobile exception would have applied. State v. Pursley, 2018 Iowa App. LEXIS 534 (June 6, 2018).*

In light of settled law from the state supreme court, this court has no authority to hold that the passenger of a car has standing to challenge a search of the car. State v. Burks, 2018 Iowa App. LEXIS 503 (June 6, 2018).*

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