OR: Under automobile exception, exigency for stop may dissipate as to one thing yet arise as to another

“[T]he automobile exception continues to supply the per se exigency necessary to conduct a warrantless search of the vehicle that was mobile when stopped so long as the officer has probable cause to believe that the vehicle contains evidence of a crime or contraband, even where that probable cause is unrelated to the reason for initially stopping the vehicle.” State v. George, 287 Ore. App. 312, 2017 Ore. App. LEXIS 1012 (Aug. 23, 2017).

“In view of these well-established principles, the warrant issued by Magistrate Judge Eddy authorizing the tracking of the target telephone utilized by Defendant is supported by ample probable cause,” including corroborated information from a CI. United States v. Brown, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 132848 (W.D. Pa. Aug. 21, 2017).*

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