S.D.Ga.: A general motion to suppress a DUI roadblock is denied; that “Something must be wrong here” doesn’t cut it

A general motion to suppress a DUI roadblock on a military base is denied for lack of content of fact or law. United States v. Jefferson, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 37096 (S.D. Ga. March 15, 2017):

Similarly, “roadblock defendants” don’t get to conclusorily assert a general constitutional infirmity, then use a hearing to fish for supporting facts and otherwise force the Government to disprove their legal conclusion. Instead, defendants must clearly specify the constitutional flaw and factually support it (e.g., with an affidavit from someone with personal direct knowledge, a police report, etc.). “Something must be wrong here” does not satisfy Richardson, Cooper and Bostic. Jefferson must at least cite to something supporting his roadblock-infirmity contention. Because he has failed to do so, his suppression motion is DENIED. Docs. 10 & 12.

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