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CA4: Inventory would happen so that’s inevitable discovery

The discovery of the contraband was by inevitable discovery because an inventory was going to occur in any event. The fact the policy wasn’t written isn’t determinative as long as it is reasonable. United States v. Bullette, 2017 U.S. App. … Continue reading

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CA11: No nexus shown for cell phone SW, but def was on probation, so inevitable discovery applies

Cell phone search warrant failed to show nexus between the phone and the alleged crime. In considering remedy, the court decides not to apply the good faith exception and instead goes with inevitable discovery. Defendant was on probation and there … Continue reading

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Cal.2d: Sandra Bullock’s stalker’s home search remains suppressed

Defendant was Sandra Bullock’s stalker arrested in her house. He lawyered up but the police kept questioning and got consent which was held involuntary by the trial court. The state appealed. They tried inevitable discovery, and that was rejected. Finally, … Continue reading

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NY4: Search of cell phone for texts led to SW; not inevitable discovery because SW sought because of illegal search

Defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights in his cell phone text messages were violated by the police searching them without a warrant. The fact they got a warrant later didn’t help them because that was the only reason to search the phone, … Continue reading

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LA5: PC developed in lengthy investigation excused lack of SW by inevitable discovery

It wasn’t reasonable for the police to believe that defendant’s father had apparent authority to consent to a search of locked box. However, inevitable discovery applies because the investigation was well underway, and there was probable cause for a search … Continue reading

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W.D.Ky.: Frisk was without RS, but computer check showed outstanding arrest warrant, so inevitable discovery applies

“In sum, at the time Browning decided to conduct a Terry pat-down of James’ outer clothing, he was faced with a suspect that (1) was present in a high-crime area, (2) was, by his own admission, recently released from prison … Continue reading

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A.F.Ct.Crim.App.: Seizing cell phone before search authorization was granted was inevitable discovery

Based on a female airman’s complaint, AFOSI developed information that defendant had sex with her when she was too intoxicated to consent. She believed that he had pictures on his cell phone. OSI was seeking a search authorization for his … Continue reading

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OH5: SW for drug transaction evidence on computer reasonably led to finding CP

The computer search warrant in this case was for evidence of drug activity (as in pictures and Excel spreadsheets or other ledger information), and the officer stumbled upon child pornography. The fact files can be hidden or deliberately mislabeled necessarily … Continue reading

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FL2: Fireman reported to LEO that he saw drugs in house; police entry couldn’t rely on inevitable discovery where no effort to get warrant

A fire happened at defendant’s house, and the firefighters put it out. They saw some drugs and drug paraphernalia in the garage and told the police. On resweeping the house yet a second time for no apparent reason other than … Continue reading

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UT: State failed to prove inevitable discovery after warrantless entry into home investigating hit and run accident

Two police officers went to defendant’s home because the LPN on the car involved in a hit and run came back to that address. At the house, the housekeeper greeted them and said that defendant probably was driving the car. … Continue reading

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D.N.J.: Inevitable discovery applied: (1) officers were drafting affidavit for warrant and (2) there was overwhelming PC

The government proved inevitable discovery applied because (1) they had already started drafting the warrant when the allegedly illegal search occurred and (2) there was overwhelming probable cause for the search. United States v. Restitullo, 2016 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 144269 … Continue reading

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DC: Inevitable discovery applied to cell phone search in 2002 rather than GFE

Inevitable discovery used to justify a search of a cell phone in 2002 because it might have been unreasonable under Riley from 2014 (no mention of good faith exception applied to pre-Riley searches). Logan v. United States, 2016 D.C. App. … Continue reading

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